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About Me

UnderTheGlove is more than a food blog.

In the background of a name itself, there's a hidden story that marked my childhood.

I wanted to start this blog a lot sooner, but I didn't feel that it was the right time for that.
When an idea for the name of the blog came up in my mind, I felt I was ready, so in 2019 I turned a dream into reality.

Ever since I was little, I loved food and was not one of those children that you have to convince into eating. I was already enjoying food as a proper little gourmet.

In kindergarten, when we would knead and prepare plaits, I thought how great it would be if I could pursue such a craft as an adult. Also, when there'd be something delicious for lunch, returning home from kindergarten I'd inform my dad of what cook prepared and asked him if he could get the recipe the next day. So it was.

Love towards cooking I inherited from him.

From an early age, I've spent time in the kitchen - being introduced to ingredients and their preparation, so during elementary school I started cooking by myself and coming up with my recipes. Daily, after I'd come back from high school, I'd spend time in the kitchen cooking and serving meals that were, with love, prepared for my family.

Except for culinary ideas and creations by dad, I'm drawing inspiration from within myself.
As a photographer and an artistic soul, I always try to create something authentic and mine, and when I'm cooking and decorating food, I feel as if creating a piece of art. To me, food and cooking are art.

My name is Sara Cuklin Dokša.
Welcome to my world - where I brought together photography, decorating, cooking, editing and writing. A place where love represents a trademark and whose goal is to carry accurate and detailed recipes, so that every meal from this blog would come out delicious, even if you know nothing about cooking.