Easy Vegetarian Stew

Cook: 45 min

I came up with this exceptionally simple vegetarian stew randomly.

In a hurry and with only a few ingredients I came up with a quick recipe that I love, although I don’t like stews at all.

This healthy and delicious meal prepared in one pot is ideal for these “lazy” rainy days when we want a meal that warms body and soul.

I love vegetarian food because it’s imaginative and creative, so I’m looking forward to all the upcoming meals from this category.

  • #10@ g butter
  • #1/2@ pcs (#30@ g) silverskin onion
  • #1@ pcs (#50@ g) carrot
  • #1.5@ tbsp (#22.5@ ml) cold water
  • #1@ pcs (#115@ g) potato
  • #1@ cups (#250@ ml) water
  • #0.5@ cups (#125@ ml) cooking cream
  • #1/4@ tsp salt
  • #1/4@ tsp ground sweet paprika
  • #1/8@ tsp (#1/2@ pinch) pepper
  • #3@-#5@ leaves fresh basil
  • #1@ pcs vegetarian hot dogs
  • #1/2@ tsp sunflower oil
  • #1/2@ pinch chives
  • #1/2@ pinch pepper

Peel and chop vegetables into squares.

Put deeper pan at low heat and melt butter in it.

Add chopped silver skin onions and cook them 5-10 minutes.

Put chopped carrot on the onions and cook them together for 5-10 minutes, then add cold water so that vegetables don’t get burned on the pan.

Add potatoes and cook them together with the rest of vegetables until they become soft. Lower heat even further and add cooking cream, slowly stirring the whole time.

Cook at low heat until it starts to simmer.

Add salt, ground sweet paprika, pepper and basil and stir well.

Chop vegetarian hot dogs, put sunflower oil in the pan and grill hot dogs according to instructions on the packaging.

Add hot dogs into the stew, and add chives and pepper as desired.


● make the stew even more filling by adding more varieties of vegetables

● replace onions, carrot and potatoes with mushrooms, peas and butternut squash

● you can replace cooking cream with sour cream that should be mixed with a bit of water in a small bowl, so that lumps don’t form

● serve bread or home-made bruschette alongside the stew 

● add even more spices if desired – parsley, dill, nutmeg

● hot dogs can be grilled whole, and put so in the stew

● if the density of the stew seems too runny, mix a teaspoon of cornstarch with a bit of cold water, and stirring them slowly add the mixture to the stew