Quick Bacon Pasta

Cook: 25

If I had to pick one ingredient to cook with for the rest of my life, then that would definitely be pasta because I just adore it! :)

This is one of the simpler recipes, but still so tasty and filling. If you’re a beginner cook, I suggest you start with pasta. That’s just what my beginnings looked like and it was a lot of fun. :) 

Everything goes along well with pasta and for that very reason I love preparing it often – I’m rediscovering countless options and enjoying in creation of each new recipe.

Who of you adores pasta, just as I do? :)

  • #25@ g butter
  • #100@ g silverskin onion
  • #1/2@ garlic clove (#2.5@ g)
  • #1/2@ cups (#125@ ml) cooking cream
  • #1/4@ tsp salt
  • #1/8@ tsp pepper
  • #100@g linguine pasta
  • #1/2@ cups (#125@ ml) water from cooking pasta
  • #1/2@ tbsp parmesan cheese
  • #2.5@ g parsley
  • #25@ g bacon

Melt butter at medium heat.

Finely chop silverskin onion and stew it until it turns golden-brown. 

Lower the heat and add garlic. Add cooking cream, salt and pepper to the pan. 

Cook the pasta according to instructions on the packaging. 

Stir and add the pasta cooking water to make it creamy. 

Add parmesan and finely chopped parsley to the pasta. 

Chop the bacon into small cubes and fry bacon at medium heat for 3 minutes with no additional fats. 

When pasta is served, add the parsley and parmesan as desired.


• if you have a water kettle, heat the water for pasta cooking in it to reduce total cooking time

• replace pasta with potato gnocchi

• instead of silverskin onions you can use purple onions

• replace linguine with penne/fusilli, add additional cheese on the top (gouda, edamer) and bake it all together in the oven

• serve fresh lettuce alongside this dish

• if you want a vegetarian version of this pasta, replace bacon with zucchini – preparation is the same, use butter to prepare zucchini