Tomato Spaghetti

Cook: 30 min.

This simple and quick pasta was one the first meals I learned to prepare already in elementary school.

Younger sister and I prepared this meal uncountable number of times, and there were weeks when we would cook tomato spaghetti every night.

The fact that I can prepare this pasta with my eyes closed is best confirmed by the situation when my best friend slept-over: we were hungry, so in order to not disturb my family members that were asleep we lit up a candle in the kitchen, silently taking out the pan and made one of the best tomato pastas. :)

  • #1@ tbsp sunflower oil
  • #50@ g silverskin onions
  • #250@ ml tomato purée
  • #1/2@ tsp dried oregano
  • #1/2@ tsp dried basil
  • #1@ tsp sugar
  • #1/2@ tsp salt
  • #1/2@ garlic clove (#2.5@ g)
  • #1/2@ tbsp olive oil
  • #0.875@ l of water
  • #1/2@ tsp salt
  • #125@ g pasta
  • #0.75@ cups (#175@ ml) water from cooking pasta
  • #3@ pcs mini-mozzarella
  • #1/2@ tsp parmesan cheese

Put large pan (ca. 30 cm or 12 inches) on medium heat and add sunflower oil in it.

When the oil heats up (2-3 minutes), add chopped silverskin onions.

After the onions get golden (5-7 minutes), lower the heat and add tomato purée.

Add oregano, basil, sugar, salt and garlic and let it slowly simmer.

Put off the heat, then add olive oil.

Heat up the water for pasta and cook the pasta according to instructions on the packaging.

Rinse pasta in colander and preserve the water from cooking.

Put the sauce at low heat again, put the pasta in sauce and gradually add water from cooking pasta, according to desired consistency of the sauce.

Chop mini-mozzarella and stir it well in pasta.

Serve spaghetti plentifully sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, and if desired add more mozzarella and olive oil.


● if you have a water kettle, heat up the water for cooking pasta beforehand

● if you don’t have olive oil, onions or some of the ingredients, combine other ingredients you have in the kitchen

● drained pasta should immediately be put in sauce, so that it wouldn’t stick

● don't cook pasta fully, it is desirable for it to stay al dente

● to make it healthier, replace pasta with gluten-free one, sugar with honey, and mozzarella with light-version